Moving into Dance continues to hold fast to its original ethos to train youth from disadvantaged communities and equip them with skills which could be used to overcome their socio-economic circumstances. MID doesn’t just teach youth to dance but it equips individuals from under-resourced communities with the skills and confidence to become productive and self-sufficient people who are able to support their families and extended families. MID continues to be a safety net for many people who are the sole supporters of extended families as a result of the training they have received through us. In this way the cycle of poverty has been broken through career training and job opportunities to many young people from impoverished communities.

“For the free market stalwarts, all the world needs is corporations and government to provide all public goods. But, for the people who live in the “real” world, there is a clear and present need for not-for-profit non-governmental organisations”
– ForeignAID Ratings LLC

MID is one such organisation that provides for the needs of people in the “real” South Africa where unemployment is rife and poverty is great.Our formalised, fully accredited (by the South African Qualifications Authority – SAQA), covers the areas of dance teaching, choreography, technique as well as additional skills that contribute to holistic job placement in the performing arts industry such as marketing, computer literacy, business planning, performing arts management, financial planning and budgeting.

The training is based on unit standards from the National Certificate in Performing Arts (NQF Level 4), which MID implements. This vocational training programme is premised upon a more than two-decade history of the Community Dance Teachers Training Course (CDTTC) that was recognised in South Africa as an established training programme for community dance teachers established in 1992 by Sylvia Glasser.