MID is a Non-Profit, Non-Government, Section 18A organisation that is reliant on funding and sponsorship to make our programmes and projects possible. With a history of almost 4 decades of training and development, this vibrant organisation has a lot more to offer.

The story of Moving into Dance is entrenched in a story of a country fragmented, and out of sync with nature. It is at the start of the narrative that brought people, separated politically, together in beautiful movement. It speaks to a feisty Sylvia Glasser who, under apartheid, saw a different world, a world where people of all races danced together.

Today this haven of beautiful movement provides a place of hope for those whose struggle with race has now translated into a struggle with class. However, the survival of this historical shrine of transformation is at the forefront constantly and funding is in short supply. But the achievements of our graduates are a reminder that the work we do is important, and needed and helpful. A reminder that we do not just dance but we change lives and forge new paths for those who would not have claimed a pathway of their own.

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